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Here at Open Doors Training, we have drawn together experienced partners to foster innovation in particular the easiest way to start your business and the resources you need. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need initiative, commercial knowledge, creativity, innovation and drive, and leadership – all qualities that the job or enterprise market highly sought after.

What kind of person do you need to be a successful entrepreneur?

  • Entrepreneurs need to be capable of both having original ideas and seeing them through. Must have the stamina and determination to kick-start a project, stick with it, and get it finished.
  • Must be resilient enough to cope with setbacks and handle stress
  • Willing to take calculated risks
  • Problem solvers who can spot the opportunity in a challenge

Resources for entrepreneurs in the making!
Bringing together potential entrepreneurs small and medium sized enterprises through workshops once a month
Showing practical demonstration through presentation, discussing ideas you have in mind
Inviting successful business owners or entrepreneurs to speak on specific business topics through seminars and conferences
Collaboration with financial institutions such as Commercial Banks to develop your ideas how to start your business, loans, funding and the support available
Networking with government initiatives that provide useful resources for entrepreneurs in the making
Holding business sessions by providing mentoring programme for entrepreneurs, in order to build confidence, clear vision and to belief in what they plan to achieve.

Entrepreneurial Skills will engage participants in the following areas:

  • Business networking
  • Business planning
  • Protecting your ideas
  • Researching the markets
  • Make it happen

Open Doors Training & Development Trust will offer these sessions leading to your success free.  In return, successful businesses will be mandated to contribute 10 per cent of the profit through plowing back non-taxable profit to helping the organisation continue to offer the service to potential entrepreneurs to grow the economy and reducing employment. This contribution will be for the lifetime of the organisation/business. 

Open Doors Training & Development Trust is a charity.  In return for our expertise, information and access to successful entrepreneurs you agree to return a small percentage of your profits.  In doing so you will become a stakeholder in Open Doors Training & Development Trust.  This is a reciprocal agreement and as such the success of your organisation will also determine the success of Open Doors Training and Development.


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